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Calliope Metaxotou

T: +30 210 7206900
F: +302 10 7231462
E: metaxotou@pptlegal.gr

Head Office
15, Filikis Eterias Square
10673 Athens

Calliope Metaxotou, a senior partner of the Firm, specializes in aviation law and the associated tax and customs aspects and has concluded, as head of the team, complicated international transactions, since 1991, for clients in the US and Europe on structuring, financing, acquisition, sale & leaseback, repossession of aircraft, mortgages, registration/deregistration of aircraft, helicopters & engines.

Calliope is the Co-author of the Chapter on Greece in the following: Aircraft Finance Registration, Security and Enforcement, since 1991, latest update April 2012, Longman; A Practitioner’s Guide to the Acquisition of Private Companies in the European Union, City and Financial Publishing, 1997 Property in Europe-Law and Practice, Butterworths 1998.

Calliope was previously:

1968 – 1971: Bank of America NT & S.A., Athens Branch, Greece

1971 – 1979: First National Bank of Chicago, Athens and Piraeus Branches, Greece

1979 – 1987: Continental Bank of Illinois, Piraeus Shipping Branch, Greece

Calliope has been nominated, since 2007, in the “Guide to the World’s Leading Aviation Lawyers” as one of the leading aviation lawyers in Greece; last Edition 2011, Legal Media Group, Euromoney.

Calliope has been a member of the Athens Bar since 1973.

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