April 2022

April Jurisdictional Update, Netherlands

Increase in Air Traffic 

In the Netherlands, more and more flights are resuming after COVID restrictions have been eased. The biggest challenges now are airport staffing and capacity, as the carriers ramp up their abilities.A year ago, it was confirmed that Dutch airports require a new specific environmental license that deals with the levels of nitrogen created by departing and arriving aircraft. It is expected that the environmental license will introduce a separate flight capacity limitation. There are concerns that such limitations could end up reducing existing flight capacity. Since most airport slots are held on the basis of historic rights in the Netherlands, a reduction of airport capacity would imply that even historic slots at Schiphol airport could be in jeopardy. 


I trust Ulrich’s judgment – his advice is both legally on point and commercially savvy. In reality, Ulrich functions more like an in-house attorney, since he acts on our behalf with very little supervision or direction required.

Extremely responsive, very helpful and highly knowledgeable: they understand the cultural issues faced by foreign firms – Santamarina y Steta

It is important to us to have attorneys in foreign jurisdictions with aircraft and/or aviation finance experience.  We have been happy with our L2b lawyers.

-Laura Ice, Textron Financial Corp.

The L2b Aviation tax booklet has been so helpful to me and my practice!

-Andrea Villa, Harper Meyer, USA (Miami)

I am fortunate to have found Ulrich. He is one of a select group of outside attorneys on whom I absolutely rely.

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