February 2023

February Jurisdictional Update – Argentina

Update provided by Cecilia Rodriguez Grellet of Rodriguez Grellet Abogados. 

  • Some tariff regulations are on hold without the government decrees necessary to modify the tariffs.  
  • There is a new tax for fraud security on international flights. This new tax was updated in January.  


The L2b Aviation tax booklet has been so helpful to me and my practice!

-Andrea Villa, Harper Meyer, USA (Miami)

Extremely responsive, very helpful and highly knowledgeable: they understand the cultural issues faced by foreign firms – Santamarina y Steta

It is important to us to have attorneys in foreign jurisdictions with aircraft and/or aviation finance experience.  We have been happy with our L2b lawyers.

-Laura Ice, Textron Financial Corp.

I am fortunate to have found Ulrich. He is one of a select group of outside attorneys on whom I absolutely rely.

I trust Ulrich’s judgment – his advice is both legally on point and commercially savvy. In reality, Ulrich functions more like an in-house attorney, since he acts on our behalf with very little supervision or direction required.

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