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A Transparent Path to Global Aircraft Registration: Unveiling the common misconceptions

Every civil aircraft must receive an aircraft registration to be authorized to fly, and an aircraft registration identifies a specific aircraft and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. Typically, an aircraft is registered in the jurisdiction where the carrier is based, and each jurisdiction has an authority that is in charge of the jurisdiction’s civil aviation registry.   


COVID-19: The Bahamas’ Opportunity for its International Aviation Policy

With the many negatives that COVID-19 has and continues to leave in its wake, it is imperative for countries such as The Bahamas to derive as many positives from this period as possible. In the wake of COVID-19, The Bahamas is presented with an opportunity to: use the current halt in global air travel as […]


Costa Rica – Deadline for the Implementation of the Electronic Invoicing for National and International Air Transport Companies has been extended.

The General Taxation Administration (DGT) issued Ruling No. DGT-R-012-2018, which sets the obligation for all taxpayers to use the Electronic Invoicing System starting September 1st, 2018, in accordance with the last digit of each company’s corporate registration number (cédula jurídica). The International Airlines Association (ALA) requested an extension of the deadline to assess with representatives […]


Airline Economics Aviation Law Yearbook 2018

L2b Aviation is honored to work with Airline Economics to publish this year’s Aviation Law Yearbook.  L2b Aviation contributing members included: Spain – Sergi Giménez Binder with AUGUSTA ABOGADOS  (pgs 32-34) Mexico – Juan Carlos Machorro with Santamarina y Steta (pgs 38-40)  Romania – Crenguta Leaua and Gina Gheorghe with Leaua & Asociatii (pg 42-46) Germany – Ulrich Steppler, LL.M. and Katja Helen Brecke with […]


Costa Rica – Modifications to the collection of the departure tax and of the baggage inspection fee

On July 4th, 2018, at a meeting organized by the Airline Association (ALA), the Bank of Costa Rica (BCR) announced the modifications to be implemented to the collection of the departure tax, and of the baggage inspection fee included in air tickets. The new system consists on creating a consortium between BCR and Bancredito with […]


No compensation for missed flight due to security check delays

In its latest decision (III ZR 48/17), the Federal Court of Justice has reiterated that passengers are responsible for their own schedules and must allow sufficient time for airport security checks. Facts The plaintiff claimed compensation against the state for a missed flight following delays during the security check at Frankfurt Airport. The plaintiff had […]


First Boeing B737 Max 8 Delivered to the Italian Carrier ‘Air Italy’

At the beginning of May the first aircraft of a long-haul fleet renovation plan has been delivered to Air Italy, the Italian carrier formerly known as “Meridiana” and whose minority stock has been acquired by Qatar Airways in 2017.  The first Air Italy Boeing 737 Max 8, produced by the giant US manufacturer, and designed […]


Construction of the First Italian Spaceport in Taranto

The first Italian spaceport will be located in Taranto, in the South-eastern region Apulia.  The news has been given by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport after completion of the evaluation process carried out by ENAC (the Italian CAA) to identify the most suitable site to realize and launch the spaceport infrastructure within 2020. The […]


Italian Supreme Court – Authorized Access to Contracts Between Local Airports and Ryanair

On 20th April 2018 the Italian Supreme Court rendered a decision (no. 9912) affirming that Alitalia shall be entitled to have sight of the contracts entered into between Ryanair and the managing companies of four Italian airports in 2009 and 2014, namely Alghero, Bari, Trapani and Verona.  The long awaited ruling, which essentially overturned the […]


Arnecke Sibeth and Dabelstein & Passehl merge to ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN

L2b Aviation’s member firm in Germany has recently gone through a merger, making it one of the largest medium-sized companies on the attorney market in Germany.  Read their Press Release to learn more. On 1 May 2018 our merger will be officially finalised, and our company now has the joint name ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN with […]



Extremely responsive, very helpful and highly knowledgeable: they understand the cultural issues faced by foreign firms – Santamarina y Steta

I am fortunate to have found Ulrich. He is one of a select group of outside attorneys on whom I absolutely rely.

It is important to us to have attorneys in foreign jurisdictions with aircraft and/or aviation finance experience.  We have been happy with our L2b lawyers.

-Laura Ice, Textron Financial Corp.

I trust Ulrich’s judgment – his advice is both legally on point and commercially savvy. In reality, Ulrich functions more like an in-house attorney, since he acts on our behalf with very little supervision or direction required.

The L2b Aviation tax booklet has been so helpful to me and my practice!

-Andrea Villa, Harper Meyer, USA (Miami)

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