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Yelpo & Facal Abogados

18 de Julio 1296 #701
Montevideo – 11.100

Main Contact: Gonzalo Yelpo
T: +598 9 943.6430
E: gyelpo@yelpofacal.com
W: http://www.yelpofacal.com

The increasing technical independence of Transport Law and Tourism Law, as well as their mutual interdependence make essential a systemic approach.

The steady increase of both disciplines in the past years and the sustained development of these activities have created a network of complex legal relations, of diverse nature, with their own principles and characteristics.  Market growth, sophisticated media, development and evolution of transport, the constant increase in international business activities and the dramatic change in sales techniques have urged the study and implementation of legal mechanisms to prevent, train and protect the transport and tourism businessman.

At Yelpo & Facal we have joined our knowledge, capacities and expertise in both areas to offer our clients a premium service, combining the development of our professional activities specialized in giving advice to the industry of transport and tourism. That is why we provide our advisory services based on the needs of business from the start up and during its development, preventing and finding the best solutions if crisis and conflicts arise.

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