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Anjarwalla & Khanna Advocates

Anjarwalla & Khanna
ALN House
Eldama Ravine Close, Off Eldama Ravine Road, Westlands
PO Box 200-00606, Sarit Centre
Nairobi, Kenya

Main Contact: Sonal Sejpal
T: +254 20 364 0223
F: +254 20 364 0201
E: ss@africalegalnetwork.com
W: www.africalegalnetwork.com

Anjarwalla & Khanna Advocates (A&K) is one of Kenya’s premier law firms that has an outstanding reputation for matters relating to aviation, corporate and commercial law, mergers & acquisitions, joint venture, private equity investments, banking, capital markets transactions, infrastructure projects, project financing, privatization law, public procurement law and energy, property development and conveyancing, litigation, arbitration and intellectual property.  A&K is the founding member of ALN.  ALN is an established group of leading law firms in 12 African countries and the largest and only group of its kind on the African Continent.  The ALN network provides over 520 lawyers across 14 major African cities.  As a member of ALN, the firm is able to represent the regional and national interests of its clients and act as a single point of contact for multi-jurisdictional arrangements.  In addition to its experience around the African continent, many of A&K’s partners, consultants and management teams were trained in London and practiced in London and Wall Street firms.

A&K’s experience in aviation includes drafting aircraft leases, purchase agreements, and escrows, as well as litigation on these matters.  The firm also acts on merger control notifications and advises on mortgage financing of aircrafts.  A&K is also the contributor to the Kenyan chapters of the loose-leaf publication, Aircraft Finance: Registration Security and Enforcement and Aircraft Liens & Detention Rights, published by Sweet & Maxwell.

Mombasa Office:

S.K.A. House
Dedan Kimathi Avenue
P.O. Box 83156 – 80100 GPO,
Mombasa, Kenya

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