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April Jurisdictional Update, Mexico

Changes to Mexican Air Procedures 

The former military airport in the surrounding metro area of Mexico City has been restructured to operate as a commercial airport. While most of the aviation community expected a large hub to be unveiled in the service area, the airport is beginning operation modestly, with growth anticipated. The airport restructuring is a result of the change in government leadership. Mexico’s new president canceled the earlier plans and reshaped the airport project.  

These changes come in light of Mexico being downgraded to Class 2 by the FAA, which prevents Mexican airlines from inaugurating new routes and frequencies to the U.S. This restriction will be in place for the near future and has brought concern to people working in the industry. It is expected that FAA officers will come to Mexico to preform inspections to determine when to recommend Category 1 reinstation.  

AeroMexico, Mexico’s flag carrier, recently exited Chapter 11 proceedings after more than a year of review. The Mexican aviation community is happy with the results, including AeroMexico’s billion-dollar financing agreement that will bring additional aircraft. This is good for the industry. During the Chapter 11 proceedings, Santamarina y Steta represented the unsecured creditors committee. 

- April 2022

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