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Lexia Helsinki
Lönnrotinkatu 11
00120 Helsinki

Main Contact: Peter Jaari
T: +358 10 4244 200
E: peter.jaari@lexia.fi
W: https://www.lexia.fi

We combine legal excellence with a positive service attitude through our 80+ experts offering comprehensive business law services in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Oulu. We create value for our clients, and we bring them peace of mind. We aim to have the most satisfied clients and employees in the legal field.

Cultivating client value
We foster our clients’ business success and cultivate value with our business-driven and proactive legal services. We explore our clients’ expectations and customize our services accordingly. In addition to traditional project-specific services, we also offer a continuous, planned and proactive service concept.

Our continuous service maximizes the success of your business. In addition to legal assistance, we invest in the client relationship by offering a sparring partner to develop your business. In addition to assisting you with the needs you have identified, we also recommend actions to help you proactively manage risks and realize opportunities.

Member of the Finnish Bar Association
Our attorneys are members of the Finnish Bar Association. Attorney activities in Finland are regulated by the Advocates Act, the Finnish Bar Association By-Laws, and professional and ethical standards of the legal profession. They can be found on the Finnish Bar Association’s website.

In Finland, the professional title “attorney-at-law” may be used only by members of the Bar Association, and the activities of attorneys and legal firms are monitored by the Association.

International networks at your disposal
International collaboration networks ensure that assignments are carried out efficiently and reliably regardless of country. Our partners are recognized players with impeccable reputations in business law.

We are a member of the Meritas Law Firms Worldwide alliance. The alliance of independent, full-service law firms operates in 241 global market areas and has 182 offices around the world. There are more than 7,500 lawyers in the alliance. Only one member from each country can belong to the alliance, and Lexia is the Finnish representative in Meritas. Additionally, we are a member of the Trans European Law Firms Alliance (TELFA).

Ethical business principles guide our activities
Our activities are based on ethical ways of operating and good governance. Lexia’s Code of Conduct is our guiding principle and it also creates the foundation for our collaboration with our stakeholders. Our financial reporting complies with prevailing laws and standards.

In line with the Finnish Bar Association’s regulations, we do not support money laundering or the financing of terrorism in any way whatsoever. We comply with the Code of Conduct and require identification from all our clients. In ambiguous situations, we will not take on the assignment.

Contributing to society in a variety of ways
Our personnel vote for an Employee of the Tertiary from amongst their teams; this individual is someone who has demonstrated the best Lexia work camaraderie by being helpful, enterprising, professional, and easy-going. The colleague who is voted as the Employee of the Tertiary gets to decide on a target for a Lexia monetary donation. We have made donations to, e.g., White Helmets, Team Rynkeby and the Icehearts (sports program).

Lexia’s female leadership network is an invitation-based, no-fee network providing information and networking opportunities. The informal network meets a few times a year to focus on topical issues. We also invite law students to the events through student associations so that they can build their own networks and get more familiar with the business world.

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