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Rodriguez Grellet Abogados

Tucuman 862, PB “A”
Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires

Main Contact: Cecilia G. Rodriguez Grellet
T: +54 (011) 4322-8418
E: crg@rodriguezgrellet.com
W: http://www.rodriguezgrellet.com

Rodriguez Grellet Abogados

Rodríguez Grellet Abogados founded in 2001 is a Law Firm specialized in Airport and Aviation Law. We also offer legal advisory services within the public and private frameworks, and perfectly adapt to any change and provide a wide range of answers to suit the needs of our clients.

Our Law Firm offers individual attention with a high degree of commitment and dedication, seeking the best outcome in each and every case; to that end, we have the best technical tools and highly specialized professionals.

We firmly believe that legal solutions within the corporate world require knowledge beyond the legal expertise; therefore, focused on the idea of an interdisciplinary practice, our team seeks to use a language common to other professional fields.

Transmitting a corporate culture to our professionals is of the utmost importance to us since it allows for harmonious relationships with the companies to which we provide our services.

Nowadays, airports face countless challenges when dealing with issues such as air service, air traffic congestion, safety, competitiveness and financial management. They must overcome these challenges within a framework of major limitations connected with the national government and airport users. Solving these problems, and others that may arise from the operation and the development of the airport, generally involves a series of legal issues: and everyday issues related to the consequences of operating a major business that renders public services. Our firm provides a wide variety of legal services to tackle these extensive issues. The professional practice of our Firm in these matters is characterized by creativity and by the strategic approach to the same, together with understanding and knowledge of the business and the business needs.

The aviation industry is ever-evolving along the lines of new legislation and the market with the aim of offering a respectable and cost-effective activity to the aviation community. We actively represent our clients for various aviation and airport matters. We have developed considerable experience in airport concessions and airport services, public regulations for airports, as well as comprehensive knowledge of the aviation and non-aviation commercial business of airports.

We have well-known background in this sphere. We have advised our clients on the regulatory aspects of the activity, how to obtain licenses, permits, authorizations and other legal requirements for the operation of passenger or cargo aircraft, assistance for the purchase of equipment, financing, insurance, judicial complaints, lease agreements, sale and financing of private aircraft, the issuance of guarantees and security interest. Likewise, we advise our clients regarding the possible complaints of the authorities or of their competitors due to their operation in the country.

We advise also companies in different areas of Law such as Civil Law, Labor Law, Regulatory and administrative Law, maritime Law, Environmental Law, business Law and Taxation and Customs Law

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