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Gina Gheorghe

Position: Senior Partner
T: +40 73 059 12 21
F: +40 31 405 43 05
E: ggheorghe@lddp.ro

str. Zborului, nr.10, sector 3, 030595, Bucuresti, Romania

Gina Gheorghe has acquired a vast experience working in complex transactions and partnerships specific to international trade law, in particular in the field of international mergers and acquisitions, but also international commercial arbitration relating to international commercial law.

Her experience as a lawyer in the above-mentioned fields is doubled by economic knowledge specific to international business, acquired during the university and master’s studies attended in that field, but also following the experience gathered during the eight years of practice as specializing economist in international trade.

In the field of international commercial arbitration, Gina Gheorghe holds relevant expertise acquired in notable disputes, with particular focus on the arbitration organised by the International Arbitration Court attached to the International Chamber of Commerce ICC Paris, where she assisted clients from the public and private sectors. The above-mentioned disputes fell under the scope of construction law (including FIDIC type contracts), administrative law, financing, including non-reimbursable financing, corporate law, commercial law. Gina Gheorghe also supplied legal assistance and representation during DAB proceedings.

She had a degree in law from the University of Bucharest (2004) and has graduated from the School of International Economic Relations, the Academy of Economics in Bucharest, specializing in International Transactions (1999), of the French-Romanian Institute of International Business Law and Cooperation – cooperation between Pantheon Sorbonne Paris 1 University and the Faculty of Law within the University of Bucharest (2000) (double diploma from the Pantheon Sorbonne Paris 1 University and the Faculty of Law of the Bucharest University), the post-graduate program in Intra-European Transactions, the School of International Economic Relations, the Academy of Economics, Bucharest (2000).

She also graduated the International Management and Negotiation program, with the Central European University – Civic Education Project, in cooperation with the Academy of Economics of Bucharest (1998), Global Issues – Risk and Security, the Academy of Economics of Bucharest, the School of International Economic Relations (1997), and attended various conferences and seminars in matters of international tax law and international commercial arbitration.

She is fluent in English and an independent user of French and Spanish.

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