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January Jurisdictional Update – Philippines

Update provided by Kerwin Tan of Tan Hassani and Counsels:

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines recently released a 357-page updated Guidance Material for Single Pilot Operations under the Philippine Civil Aviation Regulations. This Guidance Material affects all approved training organizations (aka flying schools).

To implement this Guidance Material, CAAP will provide flying schools copies of the updated syllabi which will include the following:

  1. Private Pilot License Training Course;
  2. Commercial Pilot License Training Course;
  3. Instrument Rating Training Course;
  4. Flight Instructor Rating Training Course; and
  5. Threat and Error Management Training Course.

The changes to the course requirements and materials are substantial and can have an impact on current students in the middle of their studies.

The implementation of this update will start on June 15, 2023. All approved training organizations (flying schools) should therefore immediately check their course materials and update accordingly.

- January 2023

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