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May Jurisdictional Update – South Africa

South Africa Responds to Changes in Demand

From Haydn Davies, of Webber Wentzel, South Africa:

In South Africa, international flights are returning to normal, though at reduced capacity. British Airways is operating with far less capacity at the moment. They used to operate a daily double A-380 Johannesburg to London service and now they’ve changed to operating a single 777 aircraft each day. Reduced capacity is shown in the pricing: there is demand, but it is restricted by operational constraints. People are moving back and forth, but not in the same volumes and at far greater expense.

South Africa requires masks to be worn on aircraft flying to South Africa and proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test in order to enter the country. Domestically, the latest figure is 60% passenger levels compared to pre-pandemic levels. The main domestic carrier, Safair, has been the one true beneficiary of the pandemic. They never shut down and remained solvent. So, consumer trust in this airline is great, and they have picked up market share as a consequence.

South Africa Airways operates on a limited basis domestically and on regional African routes.

- May 2022

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