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June Jurisdictional Update – United States – Miami

Andrea Villa United States-Miami:

We are still seeing much movement and increased demand in business aviation. The FAA has hired new people for registration to speed things up. They’ve also hired and streamlined the process for obtaining letters of authorization.

Many of our clients are seeing an increased cost on their maintenance service programs. For example, Honeywell implemented a new surcharge based on supply chain issues, COVID, etc., so we are monitoring this situation.

We expect an update on the Spirit merger at the end of June, whether they go with Frontier or JetBlue.

Fuel price increases have been a major issue lately for our clients. Clients are not walking away from aviation; we are just receiving more complaints. As a result, we are adjusting. For example, we are limiting the length of test flights. Some of the increased gas and other costs may have deterred first-time buyers. We are not sure how this will affect the market yet, but we will be monitoring the situation.

- June 2022

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