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September Jurisdictional Update – United States – Miami

Business aviation continues to be strong. Third quarter numbers are still very strong, and Andrea Villa with Harper Meyer is looking to a very busy fourth quarter. Struggles in the commercial market are helping business aviation stay strong.

There is a trend for charter rates to decrease as people move out of the charter market and into ownership. The number of first-time buyers is not dropping off as some predicted, so demand for aircraft has not decreased. There are still buyers who are closing on an aircraft without an inspection. So, business aviation is still strong.

Nonetheless, this segment still faces the challenges of pilot shortages and expensive fuels. Rising fuel costs historically have a stronger effect on the owner-flown market, while the business jet market is more immune to increased operational costs. Pilot shortages can have the opposite effect. Pilot shortages can ground the business jet market, while the owner-flown market can still fly itself.

- September 2022

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