Special Features of German Law in Case of Airline Insolvencies

In the past two years, there seem to be many insolvency cases among European airlines. Current examples can be found in both smaller and larger companies. At the time, Air Berlin filed for insolvency in August 2017 Air Berlin was the second-largest airline in Germany and the seventh-largest in the European Union. In September 2018 […]


Opening of new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport at stake (again)

Recent reports suggest that the need to remedy defects in a faulty fire prevention system and other construction faults will further delay the opening of the new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport.


Passenger’s right to refund restricted

Germany April 18 2018 On March 20 2018 the Federal Supreme Court issued a decision (X ZR 25/17) regarding the right to a refund of the ticket price following the cancellation of non-refundable tariffs. The full reasoning of the verdict has not yet been published; however, the main arguments have been summarised. Facts The plaintiff […]


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