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Tomás Nassar P.

Position: Founding Partner
T: +506 2257 2929
F: +506 2248 2021
E: tnassar@nassarabogados.com

San Pedro Business Center, 7th floor
San Pedro, Montes de Oca
San José, Costa Rica

Recognized by Latin Lawyer Magazine as the best aviation lawyer in Central America and one of the top in Latin America. (June 2006)

Appointed by the Government of Costa Rica to the team of negotiators for air transport agreements with the governments of Spain, Guatemala and the United States.

Organizer and editor in chief of the I, II and III Aviation Law and Air Transportation conferences of the International Airlines Association of Costa Rica.

Appointed as Delegate for the Government of Costa Rica to ICAO 23rd Conference and the Montreal Conference held in 1999.

Delegate in many international conferences and congress organized by governments and international organizations, such as OMI, OAS, GATT, COCATRAM, among others.

Lecturer in national and international conferences and congress in Maritime and Aviation Transportation.

Former Legal advisor to the Civil Aviation Authority and Vice- President of its Board (CETAC).

Former President of the Commission for the Investigation of Aircraft Accidents and Incidents.

Former Director and Vice-president of CANATUR (National Chamber of Tourism).

Member of the Board of Directors of AERO COSTA RICA Airlines 1992-1996.

Director, Vice-president and President (from 1996 to 2005) of the International Airlines Association (ALA) in Costa Rica.

Legal Advisor and Executive President of the Costa Rican Association of International Cargo Agencies.

Professor of Maritime and Aeronautical Law, Universidad de La Salle.

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