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Xavier Rosales

Position: Senior Partner
T: +593 2 254 4144
E: xrosales@corralrosales.com

Robles E4-136 y Amazonas, Edif. Proinco Calisto, Piso 12 Quito - Ecuador

Xavier Rosales

Xavier leads the aviation practice at CorralRosales.  Under his tenure, the Department has rapidly grown to become one of the main players in the field in Ecuador.

His extensive corporate/commercial practice, business-oriented legal advice, industry-specific knowledge, and economic knowledge and understanding have been key issues for the development of the aviation practice.

Clients praise his ability to develop thoughtful strategies for dealing with highly complicated cases, making it seem as if dealing with the case were straight forward.  Clients also highlight his availability and on-hands approach, together with his accuracy and detailed-oriented style in providing legal advice.  Xavier is extremely dedicated to his clients, showing extreme passion and commitment, considering every option to deal with the case.

Xavier is highly respected by the Aviation Authority, which positively impacts the way in which the cases may be handled by the authority. He acts as co-legal advisor for the local airline association ARLAE.

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