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Karanovic & Partners Joins L2B Aviation Network

Belgrade, Serbia – January 3, 2022 – L2b Aviation is pleased to announce that Karanovic & Partners recently joined its premier network of independent aviation law practices.  

Karanovic & Partners is regional law practice emphasizing aviation issues, with cooperating offices in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Albania. For more than 25 years the practice of 100+ cooperating attorneys has represented a number of major clients in southeast Europe and is considered one of the premier law firms in the region. Karanovic & Partners seeks to create long-term partnerships and develop individualized solutions for legal issues. They believe in a “one team’ principle of combining regional exposure and local expertise to deliver satisfaction to their clients. The group works with a variety of businesses around the world including banks, governments, state-owned entities, startups and NGOs.  

Much like L2B Aviation, Karanovic & Partners’ goal is to provide swift, efficient and sector-focused legal advice. Both Karanovic & Partners and L2B Aviation are committed to understanding clients’ objectives and proactively providing practical ad commercial solutions to legal issues. 

L2b Aviation is proud to welcome Karanovic & Partners as a part of its prestigious network of specialized law firms that has been selected for the past nine years by Chambers as the Best Global Aviation Law Network. 

Learn more about Karanovic & Partners at https://www.karanovicpartners.com 

L2b Aviation is a network of over 45 law firms who specialize in aviation, representing 54 countries around the globe. All of the members are carefully selected from the leading specialist aviation law firms in their jurisdiction.  

Its members are widely recognized as providing tailored, responsive, consistent and personal service. It has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in all aspects of aircraft/ engine leasing and financing, including operating leases, export credit financings, commercial debt financings and tax-based transactions.  

In addition, many members provide advice on airport related matters, passenger and cargo liability claims and aviation insurances, as well as all other matters affecting aviation clients.  

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