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New Chairman of L2b Aviation – Sergi Gimenez of Augusta Abogados

Wiltshire, England 
– October 24, 2019 – L2b Aviation, the world’s premier network of independent aviation law firms, is pleased to announce the appointment of Sergi Gimenez from Augusta Abogados in Spain as the New Chairman of the L2b Executive Committee, overseeing its worldwide network of premier aviation law firms.

L2b Aviation includes over 45 law firms around the globe who specialize in aviation, successfully representing Airlines, Financiers, Lessors, Manufacturers, Insurers, Airports, and Export Credit Agencies. The network provides a platform for seamless multilingual legal services in cross-border cases and transactions.   

Former Chairman, James Meyer of Harper Meyer in Florida, USA, has stepped down after years of strong leadership and service, and the association and management team thank him for his time, care and influence. Mr. Gimenez is taking over the important responsibility of representing the views and opinions of L2b Aviation members.

“It is a privilege to have Sergi on board with us,” said Peter Hames, Managing Director of L2b Aviation. “We are delighted to have his guidance and look forward to working with him to continue L2b’s success. Next year we celebrate our 20th anniversary, which is a fantastic achievement for a network which just keeps going from strength to strength and this will only continue with Sergi joining the team.”

Since 1998, Sergi Gimenez has been advising domestic and foreign companies and entrepreneurs within the aviation industry on transactions for daily operations as well as on strategic matters: fleet changes, acquisition and disposal of aircraft, contracts relating to the use and operation of aircraft, securing of governmental permits, regulatory compliance, and financing transactions. 

Mr. Gimenez’s wide experience in the field of international business law and mergers and acquisitions along with his commitment to aviation law, expanding the reach and influence of L2b Aviation, and fostering the aviation industry altogether, makes him an ideal choice. 

“It is an honor to be serving as Chairman,” said Sergi Gimenez. “Aviation is undergoing radical transformation these days, and I believe L2b is uniquely positioned to provide the best legal services to the industry. The quality of our members, along with our wide geographical reach covering four continents, makes our organization a very attractive proposition. We will work together to become one of the top players in the field.”

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About L2b Aviation

L2b Aviation is a network of over 45 law firms around the globe who specialize in aviation, successfully representing Airlines, Financiers, Lessors, Manufacturers, Insurers, Airports, and Export Credit Agencies. The network provides a platform for seamless multilingual legal services in cross-border cases and transactions. 

Members are carefully selected from the leading specialist aviation law firms in their jurisdiction. They are widely recognized as providing tailored, responsive, consistent and personal service, with in-depth knowledge and experience in all aspects of aircraft/engine leasing and financing, airport-related matters, passenger and cargo liability claims and aviation insurances, as well as all other matters affecting aviation clients. More about L2b at L2bAviation.com.

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