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1. Which authority is in charge of the civil aviation registry in Finland? Does Finland use a single-registry system or is there a dual-registry system in place?


3. What are the requirements and documentation to register an aircraft in Finland? Include references to formalities such as notarisation, legalization, etc.


4. What fees are payable to register an aircraft in Finland?

Yes, the Aviation Authority in Finland (Traficom) has an electronic service portal where applications and notifications can be filed.

5. Are there any weight and/or maximum age restrictions to register an aircraft in Finland?


6. Does registration of an aircraft in the national registry constitute proof of ownership under the laws of Finland?

Some lawsuits and cases can be filed through the electronic services of the district court. These are cases concerning undisputed debts.

The special courts and administrative courts have e-services through which documents may be sent.

Lawsuits, pleadings and procedural documents can, in most cases, be sent to the courts electronically via e-mail.

7. How is an aircraft title transfer effected in Finland? What are the formalities required to register such title transfer in the national registry of Finland (e.g., notarization, legalization etc.)? Please summarize the related costs and procedures.

Yes. Usually, no specific certification is required.

Electronic signatures are divided into three different levels in the eIDAS Regulation (EU) No 910/2014. These are electronic signatures, advanced electronic signatures and qualified electronic signatures. The only qualified trust service provider in Finland is the Population Register Centre, which is the only provider in Finland providing signing certificates required for qualified electronic signatures. A qualified electronic signature is legally binding and indisputable in the whole EU. In Finland, it is not necessarily required to use a qualified electronic signature; often, an electronic signature of a “lower” level is accepted.

8. What information and details are reflected in the certificate of registration of an aircraft?


9. Are the entries in the aircraft registry of Finland made available to the public upon submission of a specific application to the competent authority? Are there any fees payable for this?

No, it is not possible to register any Finance Documents with the Aviation Authority in Finland (Traficom). There is also no form prescribed by law for such Agreements.

10. What kind of aircraft operations can be conducted with aircraft registered in Finland (i.e., private use, commercial air transport or both)?

Not to our knowledge.

11. Does the civil aviation authority in Finland authorise the operation of foreign registered aircraft? If so, with which countries has Finland entered into bilateral agreements on the basis of article 83-bis of the ICAO Chicago Convention for the delegation of regulatory oversight?

Documents issued abroad by a foreign authority (except in the Nordic countries) need to be legalised in order for the document to have the intended legal effect in Finland. Certain public documents in the EU are accepted without an Apostille according to an EU Regulation.

In Finland, you can only legalise a document with a handwritten signature or stamp, and thus electronically executed documents cannot be legalised in Finland.

However, Finland accepts electronically executed documents that have been legalised in another country.

a. Has Finland implemented the e-Apostille program?


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